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In the Spotlight

Following the continued success of the Cybersecurity in Six Words campaign, it was now time to take a deeper dive into our ongoing conversation about cybersecurity within the campus community. Several community members were kind enough to talk about cybersecurity and how their six words relate to their lives. 


Sylvia Tapia

Human Resources Generalist Sylvia Tapia chose Education, Knowledge, Prevention, Awareness, Diligence and Priority.

Luis Avila

Data Systems Analyst Luis Avila of Scripps Institution of Oceanography chose Prioritize, Funding, Evaluation, Education, Training and Proselytize.

Luz Molina

Contract and Grant Officer Luz Molina chose Challenging, Ever-changing, Invisible, State-of-the-art, Crime-stopper and Defense

Aaron Deivaprakash

Undergraduate and newly appointed Cyber Champion Aaron Deivaprakash chose Anonymity, Security, Liberty, Vigilance, Critical and Underutilized

Ruoxi Peng

Ruoxi Peng, an international student, chose Honesty, Dignity, Trust, Helpful, Useful and User-Friendly.